“Give me my robe, put on my crown. I have
Immortal longings in me. Now no more
The juice of Egypt’s grape shall moist this lip.
Yare, yare, quick: methinks I hear
Antony call.”




“There is always the possibility of kissing or not kissing! There is the kiss that threatens you. The kiss of a Saint. The kiss of Salome. There is just the kiss. The kiss. The kiss. The kiss. The kiss.”


Shakespeare: Books for Survival 


‘I’m here to tell you about your catastrophe, about your blood. And regarding your blood, I know the origin and the trail. There is no greater expert for human blood, even though I have never, in a real way, poured it out with my hands.’

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In Praise of Shame


‘In Praise of Shame’ shows Oscar Wilde in delight and a profusion of fragments in the last hour of his life. Silence and sounds. A metronome. Whispers. A ring for Love (that dares not speak its name). Transcendence. Freedom.

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After ‘The Witch and The Frog – Pop Version’ and ‘POP LOVE’, a new experimental immersion in Pop Art. A neon light cross. A fire in video. A pop witch recites Martin Luther King Jr. alongside Seven sexy killers Dwarfs and a Fairy Drag Godmother.

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Visual Arts


Series “Inner Paradise” 


Utopia is real!

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Series ‘Between Times’ 


Between worlds!

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Series ‘Urban Paradises’


A collapsing colored” world in transition!

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Be happy, come to “1Dior”, where you can look fashionable! Let yourself be photographed within a fake set of outstanding quality!

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In this section you will find researches on movement, text, painting, art direction and light. Images made by new media, before premiering each work… works in progress. Drafts that in a ‘future’ have turned or will turn into Art.
Études are raw material.











MADAME TEATRO is an artistic platform founded in 2012 in Belo Horizonte by the artists Diego Bagagal and Martim Dinis, aiming to be a platform for authorial works, collaborative artistic experiences and long-term processes that can originate in interdisciplinary and multicultural performing works, especially bringing international and local artists together.

MADAME TEATRO has received international recognition such as the invitation to join the official programme of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival in Australia, the Festival Internacional de Caracas in 2014, and the selection of Brazil WorldCup – Cultura 2014. Since its foundation, the group also received the awards ‘Prêmio Cena Minas’ and ‘CenaMúsica’.

Recently the show ‘Shakespeare: Books for Survival’ was invited by British Council to be performed at the Shakespeare House, during the programme of ‘Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty’, FLIP 2016. And later invited to the Almagro Off 2016 festival, in Spain.

This platform of dialogue and artistic creation – MADAME TEATRO – is based in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


DIEGO BAGAGAL | Artistic Director

Diego is a Brazilian awarded artist, co-founder and artistic director of MADAME TEATRO. Recently he was curator of the International Theatre Festival of Belo Horizonte, FIT-BH 2016.

He holds a post-graduate certification in ‘Creating Theatre and Performance’ at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). In 2011, he was considered a New Talent and Artist Revelation by the magazine Encontro: Brazilians of 2010 (publication 01/2011).


MARTIM DINIS | Visual artist

He is co-founder of the performative platform MADAME TEATRO and is currently studying a master’s degree in Painting at the University of Lisbon and also holds a post-graduate level course in Creating Theatre and Performance at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). He has coordinated the International Relations of the International Theatre Festival of Belo Horizonte, FIT-BH, from 2012 to 2015. He recently presented the performance-installation “A Mata de Adão” in the Micromuseus / Casa da Esquina project, within the convergent program of Anozero – Biennial of Contemporary Art of Coimbra 2017, and created the set design of “Salomé”, a performing arts co-production between Colectivo 84 and MADAME TEATRO. This year he was selected to participate at the 2018 Cerveira International Art Biennial and at the artistic residency programme of Skimstone Arts in Newcastle, England.



Juli Azevedo | international relations

Juli collaborates at MADAME as an international relations. She’s also translator/interpreter and field producer for events with activities in the cultural market, translation and consecutive interpretation at workshops, forums and seminars since 2006.

Chico Neves | musical producer

Chico was cocreator of “Salome” where he did the original soundtrack. During his career he has produced records from O Rappa (Lado B Lado A), Lenine (O Dia em que Faremos Contato), Skank (Maquinarama, Carrossel), Paralamas do Sucesso (Hey Na Na), Los Hermanos (Bloco do Eu Sozinho), Nando Reis (Sim Não), Lo Borges Oficial (Meu Filme), among others.


Allan Calisto | Technical Coordinator

Allan is the technical coordinator of MADAME since 2013. He designed and operates the lighting of ‘Shakespeare: Books for Survival’ and he’s creating the lighting for ‘Salome’. He’s also manages several cultural events in Belo Horizonte.

Lucas 1

Lucas Costa | Actor

Lucas has been collaborating with MADAME since 2012 and was in the creation of ‘BATA-ME! (Popwitch)’. He’s an actor and a psychologist.


Débora de Oliveira | Visual Artist

Débora has been collaborating with MADAME since 2013 in the video creations of ‘BATA-ME! (Popwitch)’ and ‘Shakespeare: Books for Survival’, as well was responsible for the production. Débora is an awarded film director with a few short films in the Festivals circuit.

ralph 2

Ralph Antunes | Visual Artist

Ralph has been collaborating with MADAME since 2013 in the video creations of ‘BATA-ME! (Popwitch)’ and ‘Shakespeare: Books for Survival’, creating and operating them in the shows. He’s also and editor and assistant of well-known film directors.


Mickaël de Oliveira | Dramaturg

Mickaël collaborates with MADAME since 2015, when he wrote the text for ‘Shakespeare: Books for Survival’ and he’ now creating the dramaturgy for ‘Salome’. He’s artistic director of ‘Festival Encontros de Novas Dramaturgias Contemporâneas’ and co-founder of Colectivo 84 in Portugal.

Sofia Marques ferreira | Visual Artist

Sofia was at the artistic residency at ‘O Espaço do Tempo’ in Portugal, where together with Mickael and Diego, initiated the creation process of ‘Salome’. Sofia is a researcher at ‘Gabinete de Estudos Culturais, Artes Performativas e Audiovisual’ of Lisbon University, where shes exhibits and collaborates with cultural organisations.

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